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For My Dear Precious Sisters


Face the Book

We face the mirror daily to groom ourselves. We face the daily challenges of life. We face the problems that crop up unexpectedly. We face friends, family and even those whom we do not like. Facing means to directly interact or be near to something. When someone says that he does not want to face someone it means that he is not ready to talk to him or be near him.
The opposite of facing can be avoiding or escaping from something.
Another thing we do on a regular basis is 'opening'. And we do it almost unknowingly. This is so because we are so used to it that it has become our habit and thus easy to carry out even without much thought.
We open so many things like the door of our house, the car, the locks, the tap, the fridge, the tv, the laptop (computer, tab, ipad and so on). We can think of many more things that we need to open in our daily life, not excluding our facebook page! :)
Have we ever thought that there are certain things that are always open and ready to be used and t…

Source of Guidance-Part 2

Prophet Mohammed’s (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) life is a shining example for all Mankind. His life teaches us how we should lead a life that is liked by our Creator. So all humans must first use their wisdom to understand the real purpose of life and seek guidance continuously from the source which is authentic. We as Muslims should use our intelligence to understand our beautiful religion Islam and seek guidance continuously from the Quran. Never leave it unattended for even a day. We must also seek knowledge about how our Prophet PBUH used to live his life and follow his footsteps as much as we can. It is sad that many of us are wasting our precious time and life in useless things which are not going to take us anywhere. Not even in this world leave alone the Hereafter. We must take out some time to think over our life as a whole. What are we up to? What are we trying to achieve? Where we are heading to? If we ponder over our end it will be enough for us as a less…

Source of Guidance

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala is the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious. He loves His creatures and servants much much more than a mother loves her child. So how can He leave us unguided, unprotected and unrewarded? He has given us intelligence above all His Creations in the world. 

By using our intelligence, insight and understanding we can easily see the signs of Allah which are so prominent and so numerous! Our own self is a sign of Allah and all that is around us from plants to animals and from the skies to our earth!

It is entirely our fault if we do not want to direct our intelligence to the right direction or way to understand Allah and His Greatness. 
Not only this, Allah has not left His creation without any help or guidance; it is always present near us so that we can refer to it anytime! 
That guidance is the Holy Quran, the Pure and True message of Allah is with us to guide us to the Right Path.

This Light of Guidance  is always…

Man and his Purpose of Life

So far so good.
Through my previous posts I intended to put across the point about life and its real purpose. Life is not just 'living' rather it is 'living with a purpose'.
We can can see around us so many living things from animal and plant kingdom. Even they have some purpose for which they have been created. But the difference between them and us is that they have a limited area of their own. The other difference is that they have not been blessed with the same intelligence as we. This is the reason why we see how a weak human can overpower the ferocious lions or tigers and tame them. He can even get them to do tricks for him as he likes. But however strong an animal is it can not outsmart the intelligence of Man.
We ourselves are in awe of the heights of technological breakthroughs that we see around most of that is in our hands or laps and we are just playing without realizing the intricacy with which it has been invented!
Coming to the point, there is …

The Quran

In search of Truth
The Book tells us all about life and its meaning. It tells us about the right way to live life. What a person owes another? How one should behave, What Allah wants from us? What must we ask from Him? All this The Book explains in detail. Life is to be understood, to be sought, to be polished. Life is to be on the ideals of the Prophet. Truth is not merely what we can see or understand. It’s something deep and profound. It’s to be searched for inthe light of this Great Book and The Prophet’s life and teachings.

Understanding Surah Al Asr

From Tafseer Ibn Katheer: Explanation of Suratul Asr
'1-Ash Shafii said that if people were to ponder on this Surah (Suratul Asr) it would be sufficient for them.  Al Asr is the Time in which the movements of the Children of Adam occur. whether good or evil.
2-Allah swears by this that man is in loss and destruction.
3-So Allah makes an exception, among the species of Man being in loss, for those who believe in their hearts and work righteous deeds with their limbs. They perform acts of obedience and avoid forbidden things.'
And while commanding others to do good deeds and to avoid evil they recommend each other to be patient as everyone is not going to take what they say and some may even harm them.
All praise and thanks are due to Allah.