Monday, April 29, 2013

Face the Book

We face the mirror daily to groom ourselves. We face the daily challenges of life. We face the problems that crop up unexpectedly. We face friends, family and even those whom we do not like.
Facing means to directly interact or be near to something. When someone says that he does not want to face someone it means that he is not ready to talk to him or be near him.
The opposite of facing can be avoiding or escaping from something.
Another thing we do on a regular basis is 'opening'. And we do it almost unknowingly. This is so because we are so used to it that it has become our habit and thus easy to carry out even without much thought.
We open so many things like the door of our house, the car, the locks, the tap, the fridge, the tv, the laptop (computer, tab, ipad and so on). We can think of many more things that we need to open in our daily life, not excluding our facebook page! :)
Have we ever thought that there are certain things that are always open and ready to be used and they just require us to turn toward them? Yes, we find the gates of Masjid are open. We never need to knock on the door of the Masjid to get to pray there! The Doors of Allah's Mercy and Forgiveness are always open for us until we take our last breath! The opportunity of asking anything from Allah and getting it is always open during the last part of the night DAILY...when Allah Himself comes and asks us to pray to Him and He will grant..! But we are after those things that need efforts to get opened and do not go to those which are wide open for us always.
The Book of Allah is always there as a guide for us...but we do not care to open it read and understand what Allah wants to tell us...
Imagine somebody giving you a beautifully wrapped gift which has some valuable thing in it and you just keep it that way and do not feel the urge to open it up and see what your friend has given you as a gift! Is it possible that your desire of knowing the gift and your happiness of receiving the gift is fulfilled just by keeping the gift wrapped up that way never opening it?
The Holy Quran is a gift to us by Allah. It was sent through Muhammed saws who said that he was leaving the two things among us to which we must hold fast. He meant that we must read, understand and follow what is there in The Book and His Sunnah.
So let us make it a point that come what may, we shall open the Quran daily. Read just one ayah with meaning. Why is it so easy for us in our busy schedule, in offices, at our bedtime, and almost anywhere to open our facebook page? Why can't we open a page of the Quran? Let us now not just facebook rather Face the Book. Let us all ponder on what we are gathering today for us to leave behind and to take away with us when we die.....and death is a reality which each one of us has to face, no matter how long we get to live. 

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