Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Man and his Purpose of Life

So far so good.
Through my previous posts I intended to put across the point about life and its real purpose. Life is not just 'living' rather it is 'living with a purpose'.
We can can see around us so many living things from animal and plant kingdom. Even they have some purpose for which they have been created. But the difference between them and us is that they have a limited area of their own. The other difference is that they have not been blessed with the same intelligence as we. This is the reason why we see how a weak human can overpower the ferocious lions or tigers and tame them. He can even get them to do tricks for him as he likes. But however strong an animal is it can not outsmart the intelligence of Man.
We ourselves are in awe of the heights of technological breakthroughs that we see around us...now most of that is in our hands or laps and we are just playing without realizing the intricacy with which it has been invented!
Coming to the point, there is a purpose of existence of all living beings who have been endowed with capabilities and they are accountable for it.
Let us see how we understand this. For example, animals have been given certain special capabilities and they are doing their work accordingly. You can see the life of bees, ants, spiders, tailor birds and many amazing creatures who are constantly doing work and that too hard and with perfection! When you look at a spider's web you see the craftsmanship (or we can say craftsinsectship!) with which it is made. No flaw. Nothing.
This is the work of a frail, weak. thin spider whom you can just press and she is gone!
So here we see that even minute insects keep doing things which they are skilled in naturally. The limited understanding which they have been given is enough for their survival.
More to say, they have been created for our help also. Now this is another topic and this is not the time to delve into it. Insha Allah we will see to it in some other post.
To sum up, now we understand that the level of intelligence calls for that level of work! When insects can keep up to it why can't we?
Now the question is what kind of purpose or work does the intelligence that we possess calls for?
And how are we going to know what is the purpose of our existence, our life and our capabilities?
There you go. That is the reason I mentioned Surah Al Asr first in my earlier posts before giving a mention of Al Quran itself.
Surah Nasr tells us that all human kind is in loss except those who believe and do good deeds and those who advice each other good deeds and patience.
So this makes clear the purpose of our existence. If we do not want to be among those who are in loss, which is going to happen for sure, as Allah swears by Time and says that indeed mankind is in loss. Then He tells us how we can save ourselves from being among those losers.
1- First and foremost- we need to believe. Belief includes all the tenets of faith of Islam.
2- Then we must avoid all evil and try doing good deeds.
3-Next- it should not be kept to oneself, rather call others to do good and when need be advise others to practice patience.
Another and final but important point is about the source from which we are going to learn how to live this kind of life.
Yes. You got it. It is none other than The Book of Allah about which there is no doubt that it is True and Divine.
Until and Unless We Open The Book read and try to understand it, the purpose of our own life will not become clear to us.
So let us open and read the Quran and see what our Creator tells us to do.

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