Thursday, April 25, 2013

Source of Guidance-Part 2

 Prophet Mohammed’s (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) life is a shining example for all Mankind. His life teaches us how we should lead a life that is liked by our Creator.
So all humans must first use their wisdom to understand the real purpose of life and seek guidance continuously from the source which is authentic.
We as Muslims should use our intelligence to understand our beautiful religion Islam and seek guidance continuously from the Quran. Never leave it unattended for even a day. We must also seek knowledge about how our Prophet PBUH used to live his life and follow his footsteps as much as we can.
It is sad that many of us are wasting our precious time and life in useless things which are not going to take us anywhere. Not even in this world leave alone the Hereafter. We must take out some time to think over our life as a whole. What are we up to? What are we trying to achieve? Where we are heading to? If we ponder over our end it will be enough for us as a lesson. We all must imagine for a while the moment we will die. How important will be the things that we collected, that we adored or kept safely with us? How important will be our scores on angry birds or Farm Ville? Will we bother to just get up and see our Face book page? Will we think about the day’s menu? Will we bother about our clothes, housework or any other thing that we used to bother about so much on a daily basis? What will be bothering us? Only the one who experiences it will know the seriousness of the matter. Therefore, it is wise to prepare for it before we need to worry on that last hour; when we will be incapable of anything. It is understood by even a man of common sense that what we are engaged all our life through can be prominent at that last moment too. For example the things we used to love doing, the words which were always on our tongue, the habits etc.
The main thing here is seeking the knowledge. Until and unless we know something how can do anything about it. Seeking knowledge is a must upon every one of us.
Muslims should lead an ‘Islamic life’ and never forget that they should ‘practice everything that is obligatory’ and ‘leave anything that is prohibited or even doubtful’. How can we be Muslims without following Islam?
All that we can do we must do it. We should make it our habit to do things in the Islamic way. Some people call it strictness or extremism but it is not so. Following the basic tenets of our faith without which we might not be categorized as true Muslims is not extremism; like praying 5 times daily, fasting in the month of Ramadan, paying the zakah and doing Hajj once in a lifetime cannot be termed as being extremism in Islam! What else then we will do to categorize ourselves in the Muslim category!? Only the names are not enough.
Suppose in a school there are a few rules of discipline. If the students say that they do not like to wear the uniforms, attend classes on time or daily, don’t want to take the exams; do you think such students will be liked by the school or kept there for long? No. The school will expel such students after a period of time. So following the basic rules or the main building blocks of any institution is a must on anyone who wants to remain a part of the same.
Following the five pillars of Islam is compulsory for any Muslim; and this is no extremism if you see anyone praying 5 times daily without fail and trying his best not to miss any prayer. If you see anyone fasting, paying poor’s due and trying to go for Hajj then he is following the basic tenets of Islamic Faith.
Religion shapes our life. Life and religion can never go in different directions. They go parallel to each other. In fact, religion is a way of life. If the teachings of any religion are not applied to life then it cannot be termed as ‘following’ that religion even if you are categorized so.
Someone might keep a name that Muslims keep but does not have a life that usually Muslims have!
Therefore, to be a Muslim accept Islam wholeheartedly, understand it, follow it, support it, spread it and love it. 
Then you will say 'I'm lovin' it' like they say at Mc Donald's! This is because we will then experience the sweetness of faith!

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