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What The Almighty wants us to do...

ØWorship Him alone. This includes asking only Him.
ØBelieve in the Unseen, establish prayer, and spend for the poor and  needy and in the way of Allah.
ØBelieve in the Revelations (the Holy Books).
ØBelieve and testify that Muhammad PBUH is the last Messenger of Allah  and The Quran is the Holy Book revealed to him.
ØBelieve in destiny and preordainment of good and bad.  (Everything happens by Allah’s will).
ØBe good in every matter.
ØForgive and forget.
ØBe patient.
ØSuppress anger.
ØRespect women and give them their rights.
ØGive children love, respect and their rights. Especially the orphans.
ØRespect men and give them their rights.
ØLower gaze and avoid all shameful things.
ØSpeak nicely with others.
ØBe kind to the poor and needy. Help them.
ØBe united.

Understanding Islam

Tips to be a really good wife!

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1: Be grateful to your husband. Remind yourself that it’s a tough world out there and your husband works very hard to provide for you. So whatever you do, don’t compare him to other men, unless it is favorably. Let him know that you appreciate his efforts, not just through your words, but also your actions.
2: Be sensitive to his moods, feelings and needs. For example, don’t start complaining or burden him with problems as soon as he comes home; rather, welcome him and make him feel good to be home.

3: Be cheerful and humorous, smile often, don’t feel shy to be affectionate with your husband and make him feel really happy to be around you. Express your love frequently and creatively, rather than waiting for him to do so first.
4: Make sure you serve him the foods he likes, remembering that variety is the spice of life. Try to eat together as this fosters companionship.

5: Dress up for your husband at home. Wear the colors and clothes that he likes to see you…

Be a Really Good Wife…

I read this somewhere and wanted to share it with all...
Let me tell you the ways to get to his heart  Delicious food is where you should start A really good meal – there’s nothing like it
Be it steak or biryani, kebabs or fish When he returns home from work, greet him at the door
A really nice smile will please him for sure Elegant clothes, make-up, perfume applied
All these things make for an attractive wife. Serve him his meal and do it with style
The domestic woes can wait for a while. Be a good listener – Was his day alright?
Be ready to give him support and advice When he’s home, try to be there for him
No friend can be more important than him If he wants to go out put everything aside
Let your company be the best thing in life Be smiling and cheerful and do make him laugh
This is one more way of keeping his heart Use wisdom and tact when dealing with him
Nothing can be gained by fighting with him If he does say something which you don’t like
Do give it some thought, perhaps he’s right As f…

Some Humble Advices

Rely on no human. Expect from no human. Get attached to no human. Ask no human. Rely on Allah. Expect from Allah. Get attached to Allah. Ask from Allah.
People often maintain good relations with their fellow beings thinking that they might be of some good to them. They might benefit them or help them in times of need. This is a very base and selfish thinking. We must never keep good relations based on such an attitude or thinking. This kind of relation has no depth, no value , no respect and no reliability.
When we maintain any relation with others it must be based on Allah’s commandments. It must be for His sake and pleasure.
This means when we keep a relation we must keep in mind the rules laid down by Allah for that relation. For example if we make friends with our neighbor we must be aware of the rights of a neighbor and friend in Islam. 
We must also know how important it is to enjoin good and forbid evil. 
Spending time with friends is good but wasting time in gossip, evil, backbiting and fun…

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