Friday, May 17, 2013

Balance in life

It is indeed very important to establish a balance in one’s daily life regarding one’s faith and world.

Get involved in both but in moderation. Not to neglect the faith for one’s worldly affairs and vice-versa.

Balance can be sought or achieved by adopting a simple life.

Too many engagements, possessions, worries and luxuries destroy both the achievement of faith and the happiness in this world.

So, a simple life has less distractions, lesser worries and is less tiring,
Have a simple life, have few hopes, aspirations, ambitions and wishes.
Do not have long-term hopes and aspirations that make you feel burdened and tired even when you just think of them, let alone striving to achieve them.

You do not even know for sure if you would be able to live till that time to see them fulfilled!
Simple life can give you lots of time for useful things in your faith and daily affairs.
Be content in what you have. Give away from your possessions to those who are needy. Do not keep on adding more and more without spending on useful and constructive things.

Try to think if you really need more things and if that which you already have is sufficient for you.

Do not be a miser either. Spend whole heartedly on which it is good to spend, like on yourself, your family, relatives and the poor.
Charity only increases our wealth manifold.

Try not to waste your time in useless and idle things. Rather try reading some part of the Holy Quran daily with meanings and commentary.
Recite the daily supplications to make sure that you are under Allah’s mercy and protection.

Do not overwhelm yourself with lots of things, just adopt a few and stick to them on a regular basis.
This way a simple and balanced life will be led enjoying both the faith and worldly happiness.

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