Thursday, May 2, 2013

One and the same.

We live on one and the same earth. We belong to one and the same race.We have the same needs.We breathe in the same atmosphere. We drink the same water.We eat from the same produce of the earth. We utilize the same resources.We have the same sky.The same sun.The same moon.The same stars.The rains, the snow, the rainbow, the air, the mountains, the rivers, the night, the day, the seasons and all the beauty of nature is at our disposal without discriminating between us.The ability to think, to speak and to do various things is common to all of us.When all these things and many others that we do not even realize is the same for all of us…does it make sense that there will be different creators for us?? 

Is it logical to think that the creator of all this uniformity, systematic planning, consistency, regularity and sameness can be more than one??
The Creator of all that exists in such a planned and meticulous manner is none other than The One and Only Creator.There is no God but He. He is the One.
The One Who is the Creator and the Shaper of things.
He begets not and neither is He begotten.
The Creator of all of us, You and Me, is the same. 

How can we imagine that when we are the same our Creators can be different? 

Two creators would not create similar things?? Would they? Just think for a minute and see around you. You will see the Signs of our Creator.  Ponder and seek the Truth which all of us have there deep down our hearts and mind.

Islam is the submission to one and only God. Islam is peace.It asks for goodness in this world to earn the eternal happiness of the Hereafter.
God has created this world for the Mankind.

Man has to spend a preordained amount of time of his life in this world and seek to earn the pleasure of his God by worshipping only Him and doing good. Our Creator is the One worthy of worship…submission and obedience. He sent many messengers to guide us. Some of them we know by names through the various books of God. 

In Islam it is equally  important to believe in all messengers just as to believe in the last Prophet. Islam gives the same importance, respect and value to all messengers alike be it Abraham, Moses or Jesus…May Peace and Blessings of the Lord be upon them. 

The main aim of Islam as a way of life is the worship of the One and Only Creator and not to assign any partners with Him. 

The objective of Islam is to guide the humankind to obedience and goodness so that when the life ends he is able to achieve the true success and eternal happiness which is a promise by the Lord.

The important things in Islam are five:
  1. Declaration of faith, 
  2. prayers, 
  3. fasting, 
  4. poor’s due and 
  5. pilgrimage (Hajj).

Islam invites all the human beings to oneness of Creator so that all of them achieve the true success in this life and after death.

We Invite you to Islam.

Think. Ponder. Reflect. Find your Creator. The Creator of all that exists. The One God,  Allah.

In Arabic Language “Al”  is like “the” which is used before proper nouns.
Ilaah” is the Arabic word for “God”. So Al +Ilaah makes Allah which means “The God”.

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