Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harsh Facts

Wow! a party!! I will definitely be there. Who else is coming? (Thinking about wearing the best dress and best make-up and planning the days according to the day of the Party).

An Ijtema (Religious gathering). Okay. Ummm...yes. Errr  actually....lets see. Insha Allah. Actually the venue is quite far from my place. It is out of the way. I have conveyance problem. I do not have anybody to drop me there to accompany me....and so many more excuses suddenly pop up like kids, health, busy schedule etc. (Not finding any excitement or interest to be there at any cost, a gathering which is one hundred percent (100%) blessed by Allah and surrounded by Angels!!

Honey! do not forget to wake me up at 7 sharp in the morning. I have a very important meeting at 8. Our company can get a huge profit if this meeting is successful. (or simply do not want to be late for office, college, school etc.)

How many of us seriously try to wake up for the most important prayer of the day...the Fajr prayer?
How many of us get upset if we are not able to catch up on time for the prayer?
How many of us set alarm to get up on time for the prayer, so that we do not miss it?
How many of us get upset if someone we asked to wake us up did not do so and we missed the prayer?
How many of us feel the importance of getting up for Fajr and waking up our family too?

Do we  consider our punctuality for office, school, college etc. more important and fruitful than the First prayer of the day? It is one of the two cool time prayers about which we are commanded to be specifically conscious about.
Our boss, teacher etc. will scold us, get upset, charge the late fee, or just fire us. We are afraid of this.
But we are not the least afraid of Allah, the Master of all masters.
Why are we here? How did we come here? Who created us?
Should we not think more about Him than others?
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
AT LEAST TRY to be good to yourselves. Let us not live like other creatures which just survive. Live like Good Muslims.
We have good understanding. We are superior to all Allah's creations.
Always give time to your Creator first.
His creations come next. He just asks us to Remember and Thank Him. The method to do so is to Pray on time.
Always give first preference to your Faith. Our Faith is upon five pillars. We need to build these pillars stronger so that our Faith stands upright and unshaken.
One of the Pillars is Prayer. It is very important. Without it one is not a good muslim. We would be asked about our Prayers first thing on the Day of Judgment.
What will we answer?
We prayed all five prayers. Yes/No
We prayed them on time. Yes/No
We prayed them nicely. Yes/No
Let us prepare ourselves to answer all the questions in Yes.
So let us give preference to our Faith...let us establish prayer...
Let us define our identity...
Let us be Good Muslims
Live Islam
Love Islam.

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