Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mother- Child

When a child is frightened, he fears something, is restless and does not sleep in the night because of this then...
his mother also gets restless.
She worries for him. She tries her best to console her child, to comfort him. She hugs him repeatedly and showers her love on him. She tries to tell him not to worry as she is with him, beside him. He is not alone. There is nothing to fear about. She puts her hand affectionately on his chest and tries to ease his fear and restlessness. She prays for him all night and tries to make him sleep. She keeps awake until her child finds comfort and goes to sleep. 
When the same thing happens to a mother when she gets old and ill...
she has some grief, shock, fear or restlessness in her heart; she is unable to sleep. She is uncomfortable. 
who is there to sit beside her so that she does not feel lonely, to tell her that she is not alone?
Who tries to comfort her in her fear, to keep awake till she goes off to sleep?
Who is there to hug her affectionately, to make her feel wanted and loved?
Who is there to pray for her all night to ward off her fear?
Who is there to massage her legs, her head so that she feels comfort?

The mother who keeps her children like flowers and takes care of them;
when that same mother becomes frail like a flower, and starts fading away;
then who is there to care for her? to stand by her? to give support to her? 
Who is there to pay her back all her love, affection and kindness?


Do pray for your parents.

Dear readers, please take care of your old parents. Parents are the doors of Paradise. They need you.

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