Monday, May 13, 2013

My Thoughts…

Allah! Only You can make things easy for us.
Only You can solve all our problems and save us from difficulties.
Only You can instill Faith in our hearts so they desire Your Love and Your Mercy and thus have place in Paradise.
Only You are our Savior and Helper.
Please guide us.
Allah helps those who help themselves.
If a person himself doesn't want to change for better, he finds himself even more helpless and unable to drive toward attaining goodness.
All of us are humans. Each of us has those human weaknesses, falling short, erring and sinning. But one aspect of being a human is humility, humbleness and submission to the Creator.
Whatever wrongs a human being does- he surely feels bad, sorry, regretful, apologetic, sad, embarrassed or shameful.
At this point, when he realizes that what he did was wrong by all means…this very moment enables him to decide for himself.
Either he feels uncomfortable enough to resolve never to repeat that again or he avoids these warning thoughts not paying much heed to them and continues in the same way.
Mistaking is one thing, continuing with the same mistakes knowingly is nothing but wrongdoing and sin.
Allah guides those of His humble servants who make mistakes but soon realize and repent and work harder to remain on the right path avoiding sins by their capabilities.
These are the ones who seek Allah’s guidance just because they know that Allah listens to all His creatures and accepts sincere repentance.
May Allah guide us. Amen. 

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