Monday, May 20, 2013

Open Book Test

They have to appear in two exams. One is the Pre-final and the other the main exam or the Final Exam.

What should be the role of the students now?

Although they have been allowed the facilities in limits, they are told they will be given abundant prizes, a great job with life time job security, handsome salary and they will be given housing, furniture, beautiful clothes and pious and beautiful partners for marriage.  Apart from this they would not need to worry about food and other things. They will be given personal gardens as well…

Imagine what such students will enjoy if they pass this exam!

They have the questions and they have the answers!
They have the Book too.

It is an open book test! The paper is out!

We are the students. This world is that hall with all those facilities and limits. The angels are the ones who are maintaining our record books. The Pre Final is our Death and the Final is the Day of Judgment.

What we need to do is to keep reading and understanding the Book and prepare ourselves for answering the few questions provided.
The questions that we will be asked on the Pre Final exam (after death) are:

  1. Who is your Lord?
  2. What is your religion?
  3. Who is your Prophet?

And the answers are: 
  1. My Lord is Allah. 
  2. My religion is Islam. 
  3. My Prophet is Muhammed (pbuh)

The Questions for the Final Exam (Day of Judgment) are:
  1. Will be Questioned about Kufr and Shirk.
  2. What you did in the world?
  3. Will be Questioned about the luxuries you enjoyed.
  4. Questions about promises and covenants.
  5. Hearing, sight and hearts will be questioned.
  6. The first of the Deeds for which a person will be brought to account will be his prayers (obligatory, then voluntary, then other deeds).

Dear Muslims,

  • Let us be a little more conscious of what we are letting the angels record for us. 
  • Let us be more sensitive about the pre final and final tests. 
  • Let us see this world and its engagements as passing and just a place of preparation for our finals.
Allah says in Surah Al Mulk “ We have created death and life so that we examine who among you is best in deeds.”

If we do the exams well insha Allah we will be in the Gardens of paradise.... work, no job, no filth, no idle talk, no noise, no bothering  worries and hard work, no quarrels, no cooking!!!!

Let's start preparing from today. Bit by bit.
First lets look after and guard our five daily prayers. Once this is done insha Allah other things will fall into place.
May Allah Help and Guide us to the Straight Path. Aameen.

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