Sunday, May 5, 2013

Please Prove that You are not a Robot!

I can imagine a robot whose inventor makes it with all the fine details so that it can work efficiently. The scientist also installs the inbuilt devices or software to deal with any kind of problem that might occur while it works. Just like on our computers we have some default systems and/or some firewalls that protect our computer from functioning errors. At least a prompt is given by the system so as to rectify the possible crash or failure. If the robot or the computer do not work properly the scientist checks the programs that he fed in the system. 
Man thinks that he is the one who can control things but as we can see how all the man made things are prone to failure and disaster. Even when we refer to all guides and manuals that come along with all the complicated machines we cannot make a machine work for the endless period of time.

Suppose that a scientist 'invents' a robot which can perform a wide range of tasks. Can we imagine that this 'invented' robot has that much intelligence which can lead to its 'inventing' its master or its inventor in turn? Suppose it does so. The robot 'invents' a master other than its original one and does not care about him anymore. Don't you think that its original master, who invented the robot in the first place, has the power to destroy it? Of course, yes. The scientist might just observe how far its invention can go in doing all that and one fine day he might just come up with the hammer and boom! He can dismantle the robot, can change its program, can just disable all its features and so on. When this happens to the invention (the robot) it can do nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is so because it did not have any power from the beginning. It was made by somebody. It had no control over its origin, its invention or existence.
Let us now see who we are. Aren't we somewhat like that robot? We too have some amount of intelligence and free will. We were also 'created' by a Supreme Power. We also do not have any control over our origin or existence. We do not have any say on our end too. We were 'created' and we will be 'dead' one day. What can we do about it? Nothing.What did we do with the limited understanding that our Creator gave us  to recognize Him, to thank and worship Him alone and to do good in this world till we live?   What did we do with our intelligence? We paid no heed to our origin, existence and end and started focusing on gaining this temporary world which we are going to leave anyway. We forgot our Creator, Maker, Shaper, Originator and Guide. We made up new masters of our own. Some came up with idols, some with other things which are purely made by man. How can we make God? God can not be so that one can make images of Him. HE shapes and forms. We CAN NOT shape or form Him. God does not have a shape. God and His creation can not look alike? Can the scientist look just like the robot? No. The point is that CREATOR CREATES CREATION not the other way round.God is All Powerful. He has no image. Even the scriptures of some major religions of the world say that God has no image.Now what are we supposed to do? 

We have to prove that we are not like that robot which invented its master and then had a big bang on its head! And it was no more!

Please prove that you are not a robot :)

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