Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some Humble Advices

Rely on no human.
Expect from no human.
Get attached to no human.
Ask no human.
Rely on Allah.
Expect from Allah.
Get attached to Allah.
Ask from Allah.

People often maintain good relations with their fellow beings thinking that they might be of some good to them. They might benefit them or help them in times of need.
This is a very base and selfish thinking.
We must never keep good relations based on such an attitude or thinking.
This kind of relation has no depth, no value , no respect and no reliability.

When we maintain any relation with others it must be based on Allah’s commandments. It must be for His sake and pleasure.

This means when we keep a relation we must keep in mind the rules laid down by Allah for that relation. For example if we make friends with our neighbor we must be aware of the rights of a neighbor and friend in Islam. 

We must also know how important it is to enjoin good and forbid evil. 

Spending time with friends is good but wasting time in gossip, evil, backbiting and fun and frolic is bad.

Meeting someone wholeheartedly seeking Allah’s pleasure by talking about useful things and remembering Allah makes the meeting a blessed one.

Here, we do not have the fear of losing anything because we are not seeking the pleasure of our friend rather we look forward to gaining Allah’s reward.

Such relations are valued and are indeed long lasting and fruitful Allah willing.

To avoid later lamentations, troubles and tensions always make the decision when there is still time.
Decide confidently and think over all aspects wisely.
Support whatever you decide.
Decisions made on right times do not land you into wrong times.
Always remember not to mention or discuss any third person in a negative light when you talk with others. 

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