Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Try Just Once

Dear Sisters,

As mentioned in the previous post, dressing up in a dignified manner, (when we step out of our house) is a divine commandment of Our Creator. The Creator best knows his creation, even better than the creation itself. We might not be able to see all the logic, reason, philosophy or wisdom behind things that we are asked to do but Our Creator knows it all.

Just to see the effect of anything (wait a minute, I do not mean just about anything..I mean things which are not harmful in any way) we must at least try it out once. Why not? We try out so many new things, don’t we? We try new flavors, new technologies, and new skills and then we find them interesting and stick on to them. Why not just try once? 

Just go to a nice shop buy yourself a new decent outer gown (not necessarily a black one) and try wearing it one day when you go out to some public place. Make sure it is not too bright or loud with shine or attractive print or color. It can be of any color that looks decent, graceful and not eye-catching. It should also be according to the climate. Just see to it that it is not transparent or tight. It should be comfortably loose.  I love to have a gown with pockets!

Now you have it!
 First try it out in your house. Wear your usual dress. Look in the mirror and note how you feel. Next, wear this graceful gown over your dress. Put a head cover or scarf so that it covers all your hair and chest. It is necessary because we need not to reveal our shape and curves to any other than those mentioned by Our Creator. He wants decency, respect and safety for us.
Now check yourself again in the mirror. Remember how you felt the first time when you were not wearing this covering. How is the feel now?  Not everyone will feel the difference or comfort.
You can now do a test. When you go out, wear this decent gown over your usual dress and cover your hair and chest with a scarf. Now when you are in public you will be less prone to unwanted glances and stares. Some people will surely stare at you because of your outer gown or scarf (this is a lame excuse for not wearing one) but at least now they are not staring at your shape, your curves, your legs or your chest!! Which one is better?! You are safely doing your work and coming back without any bad feeling.
This is an experiment. Unless you do it you won’t know the result. Just try it out once.

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