Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What The Almighty wants us to do...

Ø  Worship Him alone. This includes asking only Him.

Ø  Believe in the Unseen, establish prayer, and spend for the poor and 
needy and in the way of Allah.

Ø  Believe in the Revelations (the Holy Books).

Ø   Believe and testify that Muhammad PBUH is the last Messenger of Allah 
and The Quran is the Holy Book revealed to him.

Ø  Believe in destiny and preordainment of good and bad. 
(Everything happens by Allah’s will).

Ø  Be good in every matter.

Ø  Forgive and forget.

Ø  Be patient.

Ø  Suppress anger.

Ø  Respect women and give them their rights.

Ø  Give children love, respect and their rights. Especially the orphans.

Ø  Respect men and give them their rights.

Ø  Lower gaze and avoid all shameful things.

Ø  Speak nicely with others.

Ø  Be kind to the poor and needy. Help them.

Ø  Be united.

Ø  Obey what Allah orders and what the Messenger tells you.

Ø  Give every person his due.

Ø  Seek knowledge and apply it.

Ø  Keep checking yourself. Self analysis.

Ø  Self improvement.

Ø  Be confident, brave and thankful.

Ø  Be happy and hopeful.

Ø  Be content and patient in what you have.

Ø  Remember that death is inevitable.

Ø  Prepare for the end.

Ø  Be aware of the Hereafter and live in the world as a traveler.

Ø  Be aware that Allah is Merciful and Forgiving.

Ø  Be aware that Allah is Just and Most Appreciative.

Ø  Be aware that He is All Powerful.

Ø  Know that He loves good doers.

Ø  Know that He does not love those who create mischief on the earth.

Ø  To do charity and good deeds.

Ø  Not to be miserly and hateful.

Ø  To be clean and pure.

Ø  To be just and honest.

Ø  To know that  there is Paradise for the good doers and Hell for the wrongdoers. 

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