Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What life has taught me…

1.  Always remember Allah for all your needs; whether in happy times or sad times.

2. Anger is the worst enemy one can have.

3. Always keep checking your ‘self’.

4. Anytime is the best time to change for good…its never 
  too late to start afresh.

5. All children need love and affection…never be short in providing      these.

6. A good human being is not arrogant but he is very sad if he commits any kind of bad things.

7. You can turn to Allah at any point of time.

8. You were nothing…then he framed you…do not be so sad as to like being a forgotten being…

9. Remember your creator…He surely remembers those who turn to Him.

10.     We have Him by our sides.

11.Always remember you may never find anyone who completely understands your position.

12.     There are people who think that they have never done any wrong and that they cannot tolerate any wrong.

13.     With such people, never discuss, argue, or share any of your thoughts.

14.     They will never be convinced however true you are.

15.     Always remember that your faith should be your identity.

16.     Be a Muslim to be called a Muslim.

17.     Love and respect your faith.

18.     Always find ways to learn about your religion to understand it better.

19.     Be proud of your faith.

20.   Believe in Allah completely.

21.     Never find faults in Islamic ways.

22.   Always respect and be kind to your parents.

23.   Love and help your family. Forgive their mistakes.

24.   Those who come out to help you when the world has turned away are your real well-wishers.

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