Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Wow!" and "Are you mad?"

A girl used to study in a university. 
She had class fellows from different faiths and backgrounds. Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc. They came from all over India, from Kashmir to Kerala, from UP to Manipur.
She used to have a girl in her class who had lived in Kuwait for some years. She used to wear a very decent outer gown with a scarf covering her hair. This girl liked her way of dressing. This girl, though she was a muslim, did not practice hijab. But she liked it. One day she thought about it. While reading the Quran at home she came upon this verse in Surah Al Noor about Hijab. The next day she approached her friend and asked her where she had bought that gown and scarf from. She told her and offered to help her in getting a decent gown stitched for her. Soon a new dress was ready for this girl to wear. Now she was a little nervous as to how would she be able to carry it or face others' questions about this change. She took some time in front of the mirror to see her scarf again and again. She was about to go out of her house when she heard her father call her.
She answered, "Yes Daddy!" 
Her father came and put his hand on her head and smiled heartily! He told her that he was proud of her that she chose to wear the hijab all by herself. This was her choice. Not by chance but by understanding that it was her Creator's order that she managed to take that step. 

This girl went to her University for the first time in this new get-up. The administration person shouted from far, "What have you done? Are you mad?" 
The girl told him that no she was not mad rather she has now come to her senses.

Later her Christian classmate commented. "Why did you do this? I have a copy of your Quran at my place and I have read it completely. It has not mentioned anywhere that you should be wearing this?"

The girl told him, "when you go back to your room please read Surah al Noor once again and then tell me  what you understand from it."
The guy came the next day and told her that she was right. 

The Quran mentions the ladies and gents both to guard their gazes and the women are told to cover themselves when they go out or when in front of strangers. 
If we want others to behave decently with us we must pose ourselves as decent and worthy of respect.

He told her that he respected her then for her decision.
The girl asked him, "Tell me what would have been your reaction if I came to class wearing a mini skirt.?" 
He kept silent.

The girl told him and others that if it happened that she wore even lesser and shorter clothes people would have encouraged her, admired her, got attracted to her, looked at her, stared at her, praised her and said to her, "Wow! you look so cool (or hot may be according to weather?!)" 
That too would have been her choice. You praise her for that choice of hers and you despise your sisters and other girls who chose Hijab?! What is this man?! 

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