Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You are gone…

Now who’s there to complain, to feel pride, to boast to boss around, to hate and to do this and that?
The ‘I’ of you has died.
What was it for anyway?
The ‘I’ has perished.
It is now in the mud. Its worth is now final.
Did the ‘I’ in you lived for itself, for others or for it’s creator?
What did it think of ‘itself’?
‘I’, ‘me’, ‘myself’ was nothing in itself.
‘I’ was good if it was good to others not only to itself.
‘I’ was successful if it found others happy, ‘around itself’ not just for ‘itself’.
Why are there others around you?
Just for you to find faults in them!
For you to criticize them! For you to do what you like!
Others are put there around you to ‘test’ the ‘I’ in you.
‘I’ was created to love the fellow creatures and not to hate them.
To help them out and not to be difficult to them.
To guide them to good and not to mislead them.
To love them for Allah.
To fulfill your duty toward them.
To show that you ‘have a heart’.
Just imagine yourself on death bed.
Will it matter to you if the things around you are not the way you liked them to be?

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