Monday, June 10, 2013

Essay: “The way to the Quran” by K. Murad (some points)

·     Strengthen and maintain the presence of the heart
·     Be aware that you are always in Allah’s presence
·     Feel as though you hear the Quran from Allah
·     Feel as though the Quran addresses you directly
·     Observe the proper outward posture and purify yourself inwardly and outwardly
·     Reflect upon the Quran and strive to understand it
·     Consider each aayah as relevant today, not as a thing of the past
·     Read the whole of the Quran (using translation if necessary) for an overview
·     Avoid lengthy commentaries in the beginning of the study
·     Learn the language of the Quran
·     Reflect deeply on what you read, and recite in a slow harmonious mode (tarteel)
·     Strive for full inner participation in your study
·     Remember how the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions reacted to the Quran
·     Take each passage of the revelation as addressed to you
·     Develop an inner response to the aayah and express it by praising Allah, seeking His forgiveness etc.

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