Monday, June 10, 2013

Lessons from “kitab al Tawheed” By Sheikh Muhammed Ibn Abdal Wahhab
Translated by Islamail Raji Al Faruqi
·     Whoever practices tawhid enters Paradise without reckoning.
·     Donning of the sufi garment or chain for the prevention or cure of affliction is Shirk.
·     Exaggerated respect of the graves of the saints transforms them into idols for worship. (Shirk)
·     To bear patiently Allah’s designs is necessary for Iman.
·     Never put anyone equal to Allah in any way.
·     Never exclaim, “how wonderful that Allah and you have willed it!”
·     To curse ad dahr (time) is blasphemy. Ad Dahr is time.
·     There should be no condition in praying or requesting for anything from Allah.
No request is too much or beyond Him.
·     Prohibition of calling anyone “my servant” or “my slave”.

·     Obligation to give those who ask in the Name of Allah.

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