Saturday, June 15, 2013

25 Points to Remember (Entries in my diary)

  1. Smile- one smile makes two.
  2. Learn to relax.
  3. Practice meditation.
  4. Listen more talk less.
  5. Retreat to silence for sometime everyday.
  6. Put away some money for charity everyday.
  7. Plan your day.
  8. Think positive. Avoid negative thoughts.
  9. Use 'can' instead of 'can not'. Use 'misplaced' instead of 'lost'. Use 'better' instead of 'worse'.
  10. Do one good deed each day.
  11. Look for the good in others.
  12. Share your things with others cheerfully.
  13. Remember important days, days etc.
  14. Show appreciation of service.
  15. Believe in your religion.
  16. Be courteous and respectful to elders.
  17. Enjoy your work. Do your work on time.
  18. Be a good citizen.
  19. Open doors for others behind you. Do not slam them on their faces.
  20. Pick up or remove anything that may hurt the people walking on the road. 
  21. Keep the road around your house clean.
  22. Stop people from damaging trees.
  23. Care for your surroundings.
  24. Keep the volume of radio, T.V., tape recorder low.
  25. Take warmth, love and humor with you everywhere you.

Taken from Dehradun Classified (16th April 2000)

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