Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some Wisdom to to Share (Entries in my diary)

  1. Beautiful things always express themselves in silence.
  2. A hundred men can make an encampment but it requires a woman to make a home.
  3. Prepare for the worst. Expect the best and take what comes.(Dr. Robert E. Speer)
  4. Anyone who stops learning is old whether this happens at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young but becomes constantly more valuable regardless of his physical capacity.
  5. The voice of parents is the voice of God, for their children they are heaven's lieutenants. (Shakespeare)
  6. If you want to hate something, hate what is displeasing to God, love your creator.
  7. Do not be hasty in speech.
  8. Be fair in your judgments.
  9. Rather thy study full of books than thy purse full of money.
  10. Kind words do not wear out the tongue.
  11. If not seemingly, do it not. If not true, say it not.
  12. He that loses his honesty, has nothing else to lose.
  13. Pride spoils everything it touches.
  14. The force of love is soft and gentle.

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