Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surah 79 The Pluckers (An Naziat) Continued

Such fulfillment cannot be achieved by giving way to all desires, and following caprice, wherever it leads, on the pretext that desire and caprice are part of human nature.

Allah, who made man sensitive to certain urges, also give him the ability to control such urges by self-discipline. He also gave him Paradise as a reward when he wins and elevates himself to the high standard of humanity.

There are two types of freedom. The first is the achieved through scoring a victory over one's desires and releasing oneself from the chains of caprice. When man achieves such a victory he finds himself able to fulfill these desires and caprice in a controlled and balanced way which emphasizes man's freedom of choice.

This time of freedom is the human type, the one which suits the honor Allah has bestowed on man. The other type is the animal freedom, represented in man's defeat, his enslavement by his desires, and his loss of control over himself.

This type of freedom is advocated only by those who have lost their humanity, so they try to cover their slavery with a dress of deceptive freedom.

The first type is enjoyed by those who elevate and prepare themselves for the sublime and free life in their future dwelling place of Paradise. The second is indulged in by those who sink into the cesspool of desire, thus preparing themselves for Hell where they are deprived of their humanity.

The end is the natural one, in both cases, according to Islam which gives everything its true and proper value. 

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