Stop for a while and think...

Life goes on...
sometimes there is no time to sit back and relax...
there is no time to have some private moments with oneself and think about life and its meaning.
Since we are born, we are growing each day...we are heading toward growth and wisdom each day. It is unlikely that we grow in all aspects, experience the ups and downs of life and still remain heedless and naive.
One must learn from the life situations he or she goes through. One must grow (not only physically but) mentally and emotionally as well.
Life is a collection of good and bad times, successes and failures, happiness and sorrow. It teaches us each day through events and occurrences. 
Life goes on...
We go through various things in life. Do we ever reflect about our life as a whole? Do we think about the why of life? Everyone is here living, existing or struggling. Why are we here? Is it enough just to exist, stay in the world and go away one day? 
One must realize the purpose of life. One must think about and reflect on the goal of one's life.
Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has his skills, qualities and capabilities. 
We must try and utilize these capabilities to the best of our ability and make our life worthwhile. 
We must try and live a purposeful and meaningful life and not just exist or survive.

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