Monday, September 16, 2013

As I ponder...

As I ponder over my life in particular and my family life in general with regard to the goals I need to set I come up with these thoughts:

I need to set some targets and then strive to achieve them for success and peace in this life and most importantly the life after.

Its a fact that we all love our families and friends, relatives and acquaintances we surely want the best for them.

As I ponder over our life broadly I first want to see if some crucial things are missing, which are needed to be added into our life on a daily basis or routine.

The first and foremost thing is to please our Creator in every deed that we do.

The most important deed that we do on a daily basis is the prayers. We need to do them in the best of manner.

They should be offered regularly, nicely and whole heartedly.

Quran should be read daily little by little with some meaning and explanation.

What I feel is that if we do not understand our Creator's message then how can we carry it out perfectly!

Our children should be able to understand their roles as good muslims with no confusion in any matter whatsover. 

They should be very clear about the aim of our life as sevants of our Creator and they should be kind and brave to face the world.

They should give considerable importance to all the values of a good person. Sincerity, honesty and punctuality should be taught to them through our own behavior.

On a gradual basis, in the form of stories, the kids should be taught about the way of life that leads to eternal success. 

Offering prayers in the Mosques, reading the Quran daily, caring about others especially the poor and the needy, helping out, being kind to neighbors etc should become our habits with the course of time.

We as parents should never discourage our kids. We must take care not to mention their weaknesses in front of them and others.

We should assign some tasks to our children according to their age and capabilities so as to help them achieve self confidence and productiveness.

Also, very important is to keep a check on our anger and short temper with the kids. We must be patient all along so that we are able to achieve what we wish to achieve for all of us. 

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