Wednesday, September 18, 2013


As I was a born Muslim, Alhamdulillah, I got to see my parents praying, fasting and reading the Holy Quran on a routine basis. I did not have much understanding of the spirit of this way of life. As I grew up I came to know about the clear stance that Islam had on various matters that otherwise might confuse a person with no direction whatsoever.
It is so sharply clear about each and everything that might relate to you as a human being.
When I could myself pray, fast or read the Holy Quran I could feel the force that bound us to some values that must be held fast to.
When my father handed me over a copy of the Holy Quran with English Translation I felt so happy. I could now see the meanings of the Words of Allah myself and understand what the Book was all about.
I can't describe my love for this religion which is more than just a faith. As you come to know more about Islam and read more from the Holy Quran your love for them increases.
I can't describe how beautiful Islam is because it covers all the aspects of life in such a wise and practical manner.
The beauty and wisdom of Islam and its Holy book is that they apply to the world and its people even after a passage of thousands of years.
The trust that we develop with Islam and its history then strengthens our relationship with it.
Islam is the only religion which has a recorded history of events since the revelation of the Holy Quran.
The powerful Words of Allah compel you to ponder, reflect and think about your own self and the earth and skies.
The signs of the Creator are so vastly scattered around us that we just can't ignore them.
Once someone comes to study Islam he or she can see the truth. 
Despite the ever growing challenges that Islam faces from its misrepresentation by the media, it is growing because it is the Truth. 
The true picture of Islam can not be found in the Muslims themselves but in the Quran and the teachings of Islam as a whole.
A religion or a way of life that asks you

  • to acquire knowledge 
  • to worship only one God
  • to be faithful to only Him

  • to hold the ties of kinship
  • to respect and be kind to your parents
  • to forgive and forget
  • to give the poor's due every year
  • to be kind and supportive to the orphans
  • to call others to oneness of the Creator 
  • to call others to success in both the worlds
  • to respect women and give them their rights
  • to deal with children with care and kindness
  • to be kind to animals
and many more such values that can bring peace and harmony in the world as a whole. Such a way of life is a blessing to the people.
I can't describe how I love the beauty of Islam as it is purely based on Truth, Divinity, Wisdom and Practicality.
The people today witness such tribulations in society regarding corruption and disrespect of women.
Islam forbids usury, bribe and gambling. Islam is very clear about the sanctity of women. She is the object of respect and her duty is of great responsibility toward the society. 
All of us are witness to what the women of today are going through. 
Islam is the answer. 
Search the answer in the teachings of Islam.

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