Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The school Badge.

Located in New Delhi.

My school was like my second home. 
The teachers were truly amazing, affectionate and they knew what they taught. They had this air of sincerity in them which made us fond of them. They loved the students and wanted not just to teach subjects but values too. The interesting thing was that they taught us all that through their own behavior. 
Our Principals used to see to it that the school was not dirty and were humble enough to pick up the trash they found in the ground and threw it in the bins themselves!  
I can not do justice to describing my fond memories of this specially beautiful school that I had been to.
I completed my high school from this simple yet great institution which instilled in us not only the excellence in seeking knowledge but the value of being sincere in all walks of life.
My school was a warm and naturally beautiful hub of loving teachers and other staff. The green neem trees made my school look so grand and welcoming. The freshness because of all that greenery is something I still remember so vividly!
I can recall the ways we used to address our school watchmen and bus drivers. They were caring for us and we were respectful toward them.
Even after the passage of 23 years the friends that we had there in the school are close to our hearts and mind. We are still in touch with some of those classmates and schoolmates.
What I realize through my own experience with such a school is that 'schools are not just great institutions or buildings but their greatness comes from the sincere and loving teachers and respectful and devoted students.' 
My school was not very famous nor did it have a majestic building but it encouraged us to participate and experience all things under the sun.
I remember playing cricket, kabaddi, badminton and even high jumps during our Physical Training classes.
We were always active in various activities like essay competitions, debates, speeches, stage acts, singing, science fairs, projects, art and craft and many more.
I can go on relating my fond memories of this lovely school but I must stop here.
I am thankful to Almighty Allah for blessing me with this amazing school!

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