Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Thoughtfulness...makes ordinary days special.

Use your new bed sheet any day and surprise your family.
Try wearing a new dress and feel happy!
Use your new set of cups, cutlery or any thing and see the happy faces of your kids and hubby!

Sometime back I came upon this very good idea from somewhere...I do not remember whether it was a book or what.
It said that a little thoughtfulness can make our ordinary days special. Why wait for some special day to feel the excitement and happiness? Why not make our ordinary days special too by doing some small acts of thoughtfulness?
Our kids notice even the small details sometimes. When you change the setting of the house, when you put new plates at the dinner table, when you wear a pretty dress and of course when you make some dish and add an innovative idea to it while presenting it.
All this makes them excited and they exclaim. "Wow mummy! You look pretty. Is this your new dress?!"
A bedroom comes alive when you change the bed cover. Why not put a new bed sheet today which you had kept for a while to take out when some guests will arrive?
When your hubby comes home he feels refreshed on seeing a neatly done bed with a new bed sheet!
Same goes for any thing new that you can use up today and not keep in the almirah for ages, waiting for the special day to come.
Every one likes good changes in life. It brings happiness and excitement to an otherwise routine life. 
Try doing this little thoughtful act of using brand new things in ordinary days and see the smile on the faces of your loved ones.

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