Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Belief' or not!


It is as simple as that.
You are governed by what you believe in.
What you believe in becomes your way of life.
Your way of life becomes your identity.
Your identity represents your faith and values.
This is a cycle.
Your belief is your identity because standing for what you believe in actually gives you the identity.
These are interconnected. No one is without an identity. 
Each one of us lives life according to what we believe in. Some believe in honesty, some in charity, some in success and others in selfless service.
The point here is that whatever you believe in actually exists. Therefore, for belief to be strong it should be based on truth.
Sometimes people's beliefs are shattered because what they believed in actually was not based on truth.
It is always a good idea to seek the truth in what you believe.
Of course, some things are intangible and beyond human perception but then we always have sources of history, authentic knowledge, science, logic and the facts to build the foundation to our belief system.
Blind belief may not be based on the truth. It is, hence, better to search the truth, seek it and reach a conclusion and accept the facts.
This is the least we can do being the most highly gifted in intelligence among all the living creatures on this planet.
To shake ourselves a bit we must realize that even the lowest of the low creatures knows the survival techniques. It lives its life in harmony with nature and the natural life cycle. Many creatures exist to fulfill the needs of human beings. They are useful for us in many ways. 
Human beings are the best of creatures not just in their shape or form but in their use of intellect, their ability to communicate and their behavior patterns. 
A highly productive, communicative and intelligent creature is not there just to exist like other lowly creatures which are subjected under his power! 
Man has to have a purpose of existence. A higher purpose. A purpose even higher than life. A purpose that governs his life.
This purpose is his belief. What he believes in is what he strives for.
If he believes in money he strives for it. If he believes in fame he works in that direction. If he believes in helping others he is for it.
Belief, thus, governs your life.
The kind of life you live governs your present, you future and your end.
And then, your time is out. You have no time to restart the game. No time to gain more points. Not time for anything. Its over and out.
BELIEVE...because what you will believe in is how you will behave.
Believe in good things. Believe in the truth. Believe in the facts. Do not turn a blind eye to them. Believe in your faith. Do not follow anything blindly. It might lead you to a bad consequence.
The thing which is helpful in all this striving is KNOWLEDGE.  Seek knowledge and share it with others. 

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