Thursday, October 24, 2013

Insight! Understanding! Action!

This world is similar to a stage. We all are performers. We all have been allotted roles. Our life is our script and whatever we choose to speak is our dialogue. There is freedom to some extent. The performers can choose to act with their insights and understanding of the situation they are in. But they are not permanent performers. There is a limited time for this stage performance. Once the time limit is over some performers leave the stage forever, never given another chance to perform.  Each one of us is being judged according to our performance on the stage. One day we all will be called on a Final Day where a big gathering will be present. Then the Master of this stage will judge us. We will be applauded, appreciated and rewarded for our performance if it is worth anything. Our scripts then will be in the form of books, handed over to us in our right or left hands. Those who will receive their books in the right hands will be rewarded abundantly. They will be very happy as they will be given the highest award of appreciation. Those who get their books in the left hand will be sorrowful. They will ask for another chance but it will be refused.
This life is the only chance for us to perform. Let us try and give the best act. Nobody can be perfect but there is not harm in setting high standards for a better performance. Actors try out in many takes and retakes and then they give the perfect scene. We do not even have to 'act' here. We are told to be real, honest and insightful.
In the acting arena they call out, ‘Lights, Camera, Action.’ Here we are being told to use our ‘Insight’, ‘Understanding’, and then ‘Action’.
Light here is the ‘insight’ of Truth.
Understanding is the realization that our Creator has the ‘Camera’ on us all the time.
Action is our deeds that we do daily in this life.
Let’s put our best into this once in a lifetime chance to perform on stage! 

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