Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Golden Days of Hajj 2010 Last Part

The sharp sunlight could not bring down the high spirits that the pilgrims had to make the most of the great day of Arafat. They wanted to make all the supplications they could. We stood under the bright sun and made dua to our Lord.
The pilgrims can stay in Arafat till maghrib time only so they want to make the most of these hours.
As the time passed we made our supplications more and more and the spirits soared higher. Most of us ask for forgiveness so that our Hajj is accepted and we return as newborn babies with no sin! We also prayed for strong faith, health, a good life and death. We all aspire for the final destination Jannah or Paradise so most of the pilgrims pray for it during Arafat Day. All of us pray for the loved ones who had passed away. To sum up, we all pray for happiness in the world and the hereafter for ourselves and others.
In Arafat we prayed Dhuhr and Asr prayers as shortened and combined. Then again we all got busy in supplications. Just around Maghrib time we set our for Muzdalifah to spend the night there.
We had set out for Muzdalifah before maghrib through the Metro train. It was really a good experience.
After reaching Muzdalifah we prayed Maghrib and Isha prayers shortened and combined. After that we took rest there. 
After praying Fajr in the morning we went to our tents in Mina. From there we went to Jamarat for the stoning of devils. We again took the train to Jamarat from Mina station. We could stone the pillars representing the devils easily because of the excellent way the officials were managing the crowd. They were monitoring the pilgrims from helicopters that were constantly hovering over the Jamarat bridge. 
The experience of the stoning of the pillars is one of its kind. We say the Takbeer loudly and then throw the stone on the devil. The emotion at that time can not be explained in words. Tears come out and the heart feels the greatness of the words Allah u Akbar!
As our Hajj was Hajj al Ifrad we could now come out of our Ihram after the first day of Rami Jamar or the stoning of the devil. Those who were supposed to do the sacrifice could come out of the state of Ihram only after they had done it.
Coming out of the state of Ihram also felt great as now we were officially celebrating the completion of our conditions of Hajj. We felt so happy and thankful that Allah had helped us complete such a big obligatory duty for Him alone. We prayed that we had done a Hajj that is Hajj Mabroor or acceptable Hajj.
After taking a bath and coming out of our Ihram we set out for Makkah to perform Tawaf Ifaada which is again a part of Hajj ceremonies.
We easily reached Makkah in a bus. Since there was no space inside the place near Kaaba we were directed to take a route upstairs on the first level in the Masjid al Haram.
We started our Tawaf of Kaba at around 1 pm and could complete it in two hours!
After the tawaf we went for sa'ee of Safa and Marwah which took two more hours!
After that it was Asr prayer. We could get free till 5 o'clock in the evening!
We came out of the Mosque and took some break and had something to eat.
We could pray the Maghrib prayer in congregation. We then took a taxi to Mina.
The traffic was heavy and our taxi could move on a slow speed.
We could successfully complete another part of Haj which is Tawaf al ifaada by Allah's Mercy.
We were now back in the tent. We spent the night making dua and taking some sleep as well.
The next morning after Fajr again the pilgrims started their journey toward Jamarat for the second day of stoning the devils.
The pilgrims have the choice of stoning the pillars for 2 or for three days. We had now completed all the important parts of Hajj Pilgrimage so we felt a great relief.
We spent the day and evening in prayers and supplications. There were ladies from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bihar in my camp. We had some conversation too among ourselves over Hajj itself. I read out some book which I had taken along with me to clarify some doubts related to Ihram conditions and other aspects of Hajj.
Then the camp in-charge announced that the bus will depart for Jeddah by 4-5 pm in the evening so everyone was asked to pack their things before that time.
We met each other and bid farewell and hoped for an acceptable Hajj.
As we boarded the bus it started raining and soon it turned into a heavy downpour! We all were delighted to witness the rain. Soon the streets were full of water and many were standing in the rain enjoying it!
As we were heading toward Jeddah the weather became pleasant and it was raining all along. We could see two rainbows on our way from the bus window. The sky was looking beautiful with soft wide clouds and rainbows.
The trees were looking so fresh and lively. The greenery was looking so beautiful. Our hearts felt the contentment and satisfaction of performing a great duty toward Allah. The beautiful weather made us
hopeful that Allah had accepted our Hajj.
Our bus dropped us at the same spot from where we boarded it in the beginning of this journey of Hajj.
The families of pilgrims had gathered to welcome them back home. It was indeed a heart warming experience. All were excited and happy...alhamdulillah.
All praise is due to Allah.

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