Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Golden Days of Hajj 2010 Part 2

We had to travel to Arafat by 'Mashair al Muqaddasa' Metro train service. We had been given the boarding passes earlier when we took our bus to Mina from Jeddah.
The Metro Train Service was launched for the pilgrims that year itself and it was the first experience for many.
We walked till the railway station on foot. Hundreds of people followed one man in a group who had a board in his hand held high on a long pole.
Every group leader had the board with the name of his group and camp and the members of that group were walking behind him. This made the long and crowded walk easy to track and manage Alhamdulillah.
Everyone was reciting the Talbiyah 'labbaik Allahumma labbaik...' Here I am O my Lord, here I am...
After a little waiting on the station we were signaled to move toward our platform numbers so that we can board the coming train for Arafat.
It seemed like a flood of people of all types, nationalities, colors and regions...the one thing was common to all...they were all there for the once in a lifetime journey of Hajj...they were all there because they believed in Allah the one and only Lord.
The Saudi guards were managing the crowd very well. Just as the train arrived everyone boarded it for the first time and could see the fine service they could avail to make their pilgrimage easier and comfortable.
We could reach Arafat in minutes. We had reached there late into the night. There were tents erected for the Hajis. There was a big carpet in each tent for the pilgrims to sit or sleep. Each one of us was given a sleeping bag as we entered the respective tents.
We spent the whole night in prayers, supplication and resting. Until after our fajr prayers we all remained inside the tents only. The tents and sections of ladies and gents were separate. We were provided with tea, snacks and other breakfast items after fajr. After having our breakfast we all came out of our tents and met our family members so that we could sit and make dua in Arafat till Maghrib time. 

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