Saturday, October 5, 2013

One day...

One day...each one of us will reach our end. One day...we will leave this world. As we had a date on which we were born and we used to celebrate it so happily, our loved ones will know a date on which we would leave them. 

The dates of our birth and death are fixed. Why are we so concerned about the dates of our birth and so careless about the fact that we shall meet our end one day. Fine, if one is concerned about one then isn't it logical that he is a little aware of the other too. 

Death is certain. No one can escape it. We can not ignore the fact that one day, in fact any day, we can meet our end. 

What should be done to make our deaths too worth something for others whom we leave behind or at least beneficial for us even after we are gone? 

We must take lessons from other's end. We must think about our own end sometimes so that we get to realize the real value of life and the illusion of this world.

We should ponder on our life and make it purposeful. One day when we leave the world we leave behind something that will benefit others. We must focus on doing deeds that will benefit us even after our death; like leaving behind good children, beneficial knowledge and ongoing charity. 

Making most of this life by using our skills and talents can make us beneficial for others both while being alive and after dying. 

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