Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Ripple Effect...and the drop.

What we do, say, like or dislike is not limited to us alone. When each one of us acts in a particular manner it has its effects. It starts from us. Each of us has his or her own influence on the world around. We are like small drop of water which falls into the pond of still water from above it, or like a small pebble which someone throws into it. We can cause ripples. We can give life to the otherwise silent pond or can make it turbulent by our not so responsible and continuous drops of undesirable behavior. 
Supposing the world as a pond. Each person has the ability to cause ripples in this pond. With us around the pond can not remain still or silent.
The thing is to cause beautiful, rhythmic and coordinated effects. Ripples going in all directions without harmony are not ripples they are tribulations. 

Ripples look beautiful but tribulations are disturbing.
The need, therefore, is to cause such harmonious ripples which add to the beauty and harmony of the world.
Each of us can act as a drop. We can affect the person immediately next to us. Be it the home, the office or any place. You smile and so do the others. You help out and this way you spread kindness and apathy. You do action and others join you. You say a good word and some of the others might just listen or appreciate and hence pass it on. You encourage someone and he or she does something well. This goes on and on.
You have caused the ripple in the pond and it looks just beautiful! 

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