Saturday, November 30, 2013

Notes from Life...

People tell you not to talk about death, its depressing.
Why not?
When will we get the time to talk about it and think about it then?
After death?? 

We have to think about death in our life only. It does not bring depression. It brings the wisdom.

Hatred spoils everything positive about you.

The best thing about life is you have to live it whether you like it or not.
The most difficult thing about relationships is, you have to keep them whether you like them or not.
The saddest thing about losing someone is, you have to accept it whether you think you can do it or not. 

Life will go on. You will not have to make much effort.
Losses will heal as the time passes.

The thing that needs your wisdom, your grace and your maturity is...
to keep the relationships going, to nurture them, to value them, to honor them, to heal them and not to let go of them. 

Relationships are made of a material which can never break, however hard someone might try. The blood relations are the most valued of them. Never break with your relations. Keep them. Those who have lost their loved ones know what this means.

When you keep yourself busy in productive and constructive things, you get no time for negative and destructive thoughts.
Keep busy in good things which are not only beneficial for you here but in the Hereafter as well.

Freedom of speech has led to the confinement of wisdom!

You haven't seen me, yet you know me. You haven't met me yet you know something about me. Personality is not just the appearance or the presence of a person. It is felt even when the person is not present before you. It is evident even when you have never met the person. How many of us have met the personalities from the past? We have come to know them through their work, their contributions, through their thoughts which they expressed in some way. Having a look at the person's likes and dislikes, his thoughts, his inclinations and interests does not need his 'face' or physical presence to be there. Your work speaks for you.

Sometimes the world looks so vague, so dull...
when you look at the faces of people around you, you can not read their true expressions....
it dawns upon you that 'you are not wearing your spectacles!' 

Smile is like a switch which lights up your face; but most of us believe in saving electricity!

Genuine people are forgiven easily by others.

When people do not understand your views do not feel bad;
after all, how many people understand 'quantum theory'!

Movies, music and party can keep us awake all night through...because they are disturbing to the nerves...they do not give them chance to relax.
Reading Quran, praying and sitting in gatherings of remembrance make us feel sleepy...
the reason: they sooth our hearts and mind, they relax our nerves and give us peace

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