Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Part of a whole...

Men and women belong to the same species, the home sapiens. They have not originated separately to have competition with each other for their survival or to prove their worth. Just like every other thing in the universe has its partner so has man, in the form of a woman!

The British scientist Paul Dirac, who proposed that matter is created in pairs, was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1933.

Men and women, thus, are part of a whole and not some separate entities that can exist independently without each other with no need whatsoever fulfilling from each other. 

This is completely a natural thing that man and woman are created to strive for some purpose. Their existence and togetherness is not just for the sake of happiness at the physical or mental level, rather they are created to serve a greater purpose. 

They have not been left unguided and shown ways to live a healthy life with standards and values which dictate their being from the most intelligent of the living creatures.

When you read about animals and go through the information regarding each animal you find that among the most dangerous land animals they name the lion. Every other animal has many other predators from animal kingdom but the most dangerous animal has only one predator which is 'man'!

Man is not stronger than the lion, yet he is able to overpower it. This is because of his intelligence!

Man and woman complete each other. They make a family, which gives rise to societies and nations. The reason for giving guidelines and a higher purpose to man is to make him rise to the level which he deserves, and not to let him bow down to the level of animal instincts and desires and behave just like all the other living creatures. 

He is not born to feed, sleep, mate, have fun and die. He is unlike the other created beings. The woman is his partner. She has her roles to play. She has very important responsibilities on her part which only she can handle and a man can not. No comparison can be made. Man has been made physically, mentally and emotionally different from a woman. When there is role reversal and both of them leave their respective responsibilities and start wavering here and there the whole society is collapsed. 

When the parts of a whole are not in place the whole picture gets distorted. The parts individually do not mean much. They still need to connect somewhere or the other. The whole still need to be repaired for the parts to function well. 

Women should understand that they are created as 'women'. They are differently created from 'men'. This is natural. This is something that they did not choose. This is something that their Creator chose for them. Being a woman is no less in any way. It is just being a woman, being 'you'. You can be special the way you are! You do not need to change yourself to look or act like some one else to feel special or to prove something.

Men should know that women are created for them to respect, treat kindly and take care of them in the form of mothers, wives and daughters, and all those whom they are related to in any way. They should not see them as weak or unimportant so they can treat them in any manner they like. 
They are responsible for taking care of their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters and all the women in general with decent behavior and kindness.

Men and women must understand that they are not there to compete with each other rather they are there to complete and complement each other in the desirable ways. 
The makeup of the whole society is based on the ways in which these two act, react and interact with each other. 

Marriage is the best solution for the society to keep functioning in a purer and more secure way. 
A man is responsible for a woman and a woman is responsible for a man when both of them marry. Their roles differ according to the capabilities that have been given to them by the Creator. 

Let no man disrespect a woman and let no woman disregard her dignity as a woman. 

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