Monday, November 11, 2013


Sitting in the first class lounge of an International Airport, your legs stretched out on the sofa, your head resting on the cushion at the back with closed eyes, you wait for your next flight. Suddenly, your calm is shattered by somebody's loud talk on the phone. You are still in the same position but unable to feel the comfort. You can hear each an every word the person is uttering. He is  talking emphatically to someone over some business matter. He occasionally shouts and uses some bad words too. It seems the matter is never going to end. You sit up straight and start reading some magazine. You take a look at that man. He is very well dressed, seemingly on a good position in a company. His talks also show how he thinks about himself as influential and authoritative.
Now, as you read, a couple comes in next to your area just in front of you. They are in their fifties. They have grey hair, but look very graceful. The wife is wearing a cotton sari and the husband is in blue jeans and black t-shirt. Both of them sit down and start doing their work. The wife takes some magazine and starts reading. The husband starts working on his laptop. Soon they stop the work and say something to each other, smile, and leave for the mess where the buffet is laid down for the passengers in the lounge. They come back chatting in low tone and smiling to each other. Eating casually, they continue their work and chat. Then, the husband again leaves for the buffet and comes back with two tea cups. His wife smiles and takes her cup. Then for sometime again they are busy. Now, the husband stands up to walk for a while and then disappears in the mess again. He comes back to his wife with something in his hand. He calls his wife and tells her to guess what he has brought. She is surprised and confused. He opens his hands and tells her that he brought her favorite chocolates for her! She laughs so beautifully! Now both of them see the time and decide they need to go as it is time for their flight. 
You see, the man who was so gentleman-like took you by surprise only because of the way he behaved. This couple created such a beautiful atmosphere of calm, sweetness, love and companionship that you just could not get your mind off. What was the magic? It was just the little things. The smiles, the gestures, the space, the understanding, the sweet little surprises...these things make big changes, the big picture, the big life!!

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