Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Bicycle of Life!

Life is like a cycle. When it is new we do well even on rough roads and enjoy the bumpy rides! As it grows old, it gets punctures, scratches and dents. And then, a time comes when we sell it off or just dump it somewhere if its totally crushed! 
The selling value of life does not decrease with the scratches it is valuable until it is dumped away!

Nothing is worthless, not even an old bicycle. You can always get it repaired and use it or sell it away. But the thing is how you handle it all the time it was with you. 
Some people love their cycles or bikes so much that they take every care to clean them and make them look good and be in a good working condition. 

I have seen people who are so touchy about their vehicles. And it pays them so well. The way they handle their vehicles; they get it back in good ways. The bike or any other vehicle when taken care of in a better manner gives a good service and stays with you longer.
Same goes for life.
Take good care of life. Do not ignore what can make it last longer and show up in a better state. People often become careless when life is all good to them and they extract senselessly out of it and do not think that this process of living is not static. It goes on. 

We grow. We don't just grow but we grow older and weaker. We lose strength, energy and youth. We start losing our stamina and zest. We lose the zing and enthusiasm. We lose health. When we have time we just spend it here and there. When we lose it we realize there is nothing to be done now. Health, time, leisure and life are to be treasured before they start leaving us. 

Tires get punctured, paint gets faded, handles loosen, screws rust, chains slip off, pedals break and the seat is torn apart. The cycle will break soon one day. 
Repair your life before it is beyond repair. 

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