Thursday, November 21, 2013


An eight years old, playful child is not yet responsible by nature. He might do some duties now and then but still the child in him shows up more often. This happens more when he is the youngest in the house. This little fellow comes back from school puts his uniform, bag and shoes in their respective places and washes himself up, eats food and so on. He remembers what important things he has to do for tomorrow's school. But, sometimes, the playfulness and carefree nature which children possess make them forget these things. They play all day long. When you remind them they can do their homework. You remind them to arrange their books and keep them in the bag according to the time table for the next day. They respond in the positive manner and delay the act. When you do not remind them deliberately and see what they do you find that the day has finished, they are tired and now they have gone to sleep. You put their books in the bag. You see if their pencil box is equipped with all the necessary things. You do everything that you had initially asked them and expected them to do and go to sleep.
The child goes to school the next day without even remembering the fact that he had forgotten to place his books and other things. 
After he comes back, when you ask him about it, you get a very calm and loving answer which can make you feel great and surprised at the same time. The child says that he knew you would do the work for him if he forgot! He knew that when he would open his bag in the school he would find all his books and stationery in place. He does not say any big or philosophical words. He would just say, "Mummy, I knew you would have kept it."
Look at this. Look at the 'trust'. No other word for it. Look at the kind of feeling it is. 
Our Creator loves us more than a mother. So to say, seventy times more than the love of a mother! How a mother loves everyone knows. How a Creator loves only those will come to know who Trust Him.
Have Trust in the Creator. He will Straighten all your affairs, make all your tasks easy, listen to all your prayers and give you success in both the Worlds. You just need to Trust Him. 
Keep doing your part and leave all that is not in your control. Trust Him. He will take care of everything for you.

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