Sunday, December 22, 2013

Envy yes or no?

We all are different in some aspect or the other. No body, even the twin siblings are alike. What others possess are things which either they have got by birth or they have worked for it. Some other things they have got is purely due to the fact that it was meant for them. When people envy others for their assets which are purely natural they are being very unrealistic. Nobody has chosen to be fair or beautiful. It is simply that they are born like that. All humans are different in looks, physique and temperaments naturally. Why should one envy things that were neither in their control nor in our control to have them. 
Other things like the material things also are distributed by God to different people differently. Some rich are generous, others are miserly and still others grow even more greedy day by day.
Whenever we find that someone has something that we like and wish to have it we should first wish good for him or her. We should pray for that person that he or she has blessings in that. When we have this kind of attitude the little spark of envy is cooled down and now we have some peace of mind to think ahead. We can now see what is that makes us wish it to be ours. Are we not better in many other ways? If not, then we should pray to God to bestow us the goodness that we have seen with the other person. Somethings are not in our control but some other can be achieved by working in that direction. We must have a positive mindset in that. We must not envy, rather be realistic and see what we can do about it. If someone's knowledge makes us feel so we can acquire knowledge for our own benefit and not in competition with someone. Envy is a negative emotion. We must not let it enter our hearts otherwise it can ruin all the peace inside. We should know ourselves well so that we can see our own strengths and weaknesses. We all can not be on the same platform and situation. What we can do others might not be able to do. What others can do we might not be able to do it howsoever we might try, because this is something innate. 
Therefore, envying has no solution for the one who is wishing for some good that he sees in another. WE SHOULD NOT ENVY ANYONE FOR ANYTHING THAT HE OR SHE HAS. 

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