Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Make-believe World


Humans have not grown up. They are not mature. They have not yet used their full potential. We can see how technology has shot up. How we started from wired phone sets and now we have not just wire-less but even switch-less phone and other gadgets that work just by touch. This is not all. Technology is going further day by day. No stopping. Each new day some or the other upgrade in versions and applications is presented to the buyers. What amazes me is that eventually everything leads humans more toward a false, make-believe world and not much growth in his mentality and nobility! 
We all know what kind of games, applications and add-ons are available for the users. You are not growing out of the world of fake characters, feelings and accomplishments. Your kids are not learning values from you directly. This is so because even you are busy smashing fruits, throwing trash and eggs and building a farm; of course this is all unreal. You do nothing to gain points outside of it. In fact, we all are losing on this! Collecting so many gold coins, running frantically to save oneself from those ugly beasts and what not. 
Man doesn't want to grow up. He doesn't want to take responsibilities. He wants fun. He wants to live in an imaginary world of fantasy and fun, victory and accomplishments, strength and points, skills and intelligence and all that makes him believe falsely that he is in charge. He gets the feeling that he is smart, intelligent and able. All this is not so in real life. Those who live in a make-believe world are escaping from the realities of life. They are turning a deaf ear to the call of duty. 
Make-believe world is made by man himself to keep himself away from realities. He does not want to own responsibilities and just wants to be innocent and ignorant of the fact that he is answerable for his actions.
The kind of movies, cartoons and ads that we come across, the kind of children's story books and novels that are there all are examples of how we are dwelling in a fake, false and fantasy world.
The fact that we like all that, engage in all that, waste our time, energies and intellect on that is proof enough that we have turned a blind eye to the reality of life. The fact of life is that there is some Supreme power that has Created this World for a Purpose. The fact that we are here not for enjoyment, fun or frolic rather for a limited time period as a test. The fact that we will be rewarded immensely for our efforts, our intentions and our actions if they are done sincerely in line with the Truth. The rewards we will get are far far more pleasurable, enjoyable, lovely and breathtakingly beautiful than those which we have created in our movies and paintings. We can not imagine the work of the Creator because of our limited capacities. 
Those who deny the Presence of a Supreme Power are ignorant of their own being and existence. Those who remain as if they do not know while they are aware and believe in the Power of God are deceiving themselves. Man has himself made false things and is happy in there. He has created that which has no proof of existence and he endorses it like anything, but, he is not ready to believe in the Unseen. He is not ready to believe in the Power that is present all around as the clear signs. He is not moved by the miracles of birth, death, rain, vegetation, night and day but he is impressed by the way sci-fi movies baffle the viewers!
Make-believe world is made by man himself and it is made to distract him from the reality which is out there, because if he ponders on that then it will 'make him believe' the existence of The All Powerful God.

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