Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some Useful Tips for Skin!

Long back I read a book named 'Fast Fixes and Simple Solutions by the editors of FD &A' at my cousins place when I went for vacation. I noted down some of the tips and tricks to apply and share. Hope you all find it useful.
  1. Amaze your face with baking soda. Just toss some of it and oatmeal in your blender, then scrub away!                    
  2. Erase brown spots on your face with lemons. Just cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl. With a cotton ball, swab some lemon juice onto your brown spots for 15-20 minutes thrice a day. Rinse your face after each session. Stick to this routine, and you should notice your brown spots fading within a month.
  3. Brighten your complexion with salt! Mix equal parts salt and olive oil and gently massage your face and throat for 5 minutes. Then wash your face with your favorite cleanser and your skin will have a radiant, golden glow!
  4. Put half a teaspoon of honey and half a cup of sliced cucumber in the blender and puree' until you get a fine mixture. Spread the mixture on your face and leave it there for about half an hour before rinsing. Your skin will look great! 
  5. Spread some whole-egg mayonnaise on your face and leave it there for 20 minutes. Then wipe it off with cool water. This is good with dry skin. 
  6. Apply a beaten egg-white on your face, as the egg-white dries your face will tighten. Especially the saggy area under your eyes. 
  7. For treating baggy, puffy eyes you can use raw potato. Put a teaspoon of salt in a pint of hot water, soak some pads in them and place then over the puffy eyes. The salt water will wash away puffy eyes.
  8. For great looking skin soak your face in a bowl of cold water. Drink lots of water for healthy skin and body. 

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