Monday, December 23, 2013

Those Who Want to Please Allah

All of us are weak and sinning. Even if we do not realize this, yet none of us is perfect and sinless. All we need to do is to keep our focus on the One who can forgive our sins for us and make us worthy of His limitless Mercy and Pleasure. To achieve this we need to be firmly grounded in all our deeds in the day to day life so that we keep getting reminders about our reality that we should be submissive to Him and conscious of Him always. 
  • As we wake up in the morning we must make it a point to remember Allah by reciting the dua (Alhamdu lillahil ladhi ahyana ba'da ma amaatana wa ilayhin nushoor)  and also do what the Messenger (Pbuh) did when he started his day. We should try and start the morning with a smile, a dua and use miswak. After this we can do the other things like taking a bath, wearing proper clothes and most importantly Praying the Fajr prayer. 
  • When we are ready to go out of the house we should know that we again have to remember Allah and recite a dua (bismillahi tawakkaltu alallaahi wala hawla wa la quwwata illa billah).
  • When meeting someone again we greet him or her with salam which reminds us of Allah and gives us reward too. 
  • When doing our work we should be sincere only because we know that Allah does not like cheaters and dishonest people. 
  • When we return back home we greet the family and spend time with them. We look after their needs and help them out. All this is done because we believe in Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) has shown us that being kind and loving to one's family is the best of character.
  • Family is our responsibility, so, we need to inculcate islamic values in them. We should teach them prayers and make them read and understand the Quran.
  • Keeping track of what goes on around us is also a part of our beautiful religion. Islam teaches us to be an active member of the community and to take care of the relatives, neighbors and the society at large. Visiting the sick is a very noble thing to do. Being helpful and productive to the community is what a Muslim should strive for. 
  • The housewives have a great and important responsibility to carry out. They are not meant to sit idle. They have to raise practicing, god fearing and productive Muslim children. They need to be in touch regularly with the authentic sources of knowledge; the Quran and Sunnah which will guide them to be excellent mothers and wives and also contribute to the welfare of the community. 
  • There are small but very important things that remind us of Allah constantly and we can earn immense rewards too. When we hear the adhan we should reply to it and recite the dua after it and teach this to our children as well.
  • After finishing our prayers we should sit for a while on the place of prayer and recite the after salah duas to gain extra reward and to please Allah so that we may enter Jannah by His Mercy.
  • Sleeping early and not wasting time on useless and idle things is also a way to keep ourselves away from harmful things.
  • Reciting duas before sleeping and reading surah al Mulk has great rewards for us.
A muslim is always on the lookout and hunt for different things that he can take over and stick to so as to earn Allah's Pleasure. He knows that he is a weak creature, the world has many distractions for him. He slips from the track and sometimes falls into sins, wastes his time, disobeys his Creator knowingly or unknowingly. All this awareness about his weakness should not suppress his desire to start anew. He can always turn to Allah at any point of time, except the time of death. He should keep in mind always that at this moment he is capable of realizing his mistake, what if he is unable to do so later in life! It is better to come back on track, the sooner the better, if we do really want to Please Our Creator! 

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