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Test of Life.

We are taking a test. Concentrate and write the correct answers to pass the test. Do not cheat, erase the wrong answers by writing the correct ones. Attempt the questions you know well. Speak only when necessary. Do not disturb others. Do not see what others are writing because they might be writing the wrong answers!  Recall your lessons well. Take your time. Listen to what the teacher has to say. Pay attention. Do not disregard the rules of the examination hall. You have to obey the teacher. Ask only him when you need any help. Write clear, to the point answers. There should be no ambiguity in your answers otherwise you will lose marks. Focus only on what is asked of you and do not engage in that which is not required.  Try to answer all the questions in the time limit provided. It is better if you do not sit idle and keep writing otherwise the time will be up. Within the time limit you can review your answers and rewrite if you like. But once the time is over you will lose that chanc…

We are Created Beings!

We are created beings. Controlled, guided, rewarded and punished, watched and protected by Our Creator.  This world is a place He has put us all into for a limited period of time. He wants His Creatures to do the best of deeds and for them He has prepared a Perfect World, with no pain and suffering. If we submit to His Will, be conscious of Him and worship and repent, He will reward us and shade us in His Mercy, We are His vicegerents on Earth. We are supposed to carry out His orders, make peace, spread wisdom, help others and be a manifestation of His Message on Earth.  

Are you plugged in rightly?

Our work and actions are all results of the energies, motivation and willingness that we have inside of us and these are influenced by what is outside of us or around us.
Where do we get our energies, motivation and willingness from? What inspires us to do what we do? 
The surroundings have a great role to play in how our life is shaped up. The things around us have influence of us. But they are not influencing us as much as we are letting them influence us. We still have our own urges, inner likes and dislikes of things that are around us. So it all rounds up to the fact that we are to a large extent responsible for making things influence us without monitoring them.  There are so many people on this planet. They live in different circumstances, with different facilities and surroundings. But in every part of the world you can find some really good people who are sincere, honest, god fearing and really beneficial for the society. Even if they are not contributing much still they are benef…