Monday, January 20, 2014

Are you plugged in rightly?

Our work and actions are all results of the energies, motivation and willingness that we have inside of us and these are influenced by what is outside of us or around us.

Where do we get our energies, motivation and willingness from? What inspires us to do what we do? 

The surroundings have a great role to play in how our life is shaped up.
The things around us have influence of us. But they are not influencing us as much as we are letting them influence us.
We still have our own urges, inner likes and dislikes of things that are around us. So it all rounds up to the fact that we are to a large extent responsible for making things influence us without monitoring them. 
There are so many people on this planet. They live in different circumstances, with different facilities and surroundings. But in every part of the world you can find some really good people who are sincere, honest, god fearing and really beneficial for the society. Even if they are not contributing much still they are beneficial by not being anti social or problematic for others. 
Someone rightly said that one should be a no-problem personality! 
The point that I want to make here is that whether you are in any corner of the earth you are always in control of at least yourself. You are the one who decides what is good for you or bad for you. You are the one who charges his or her morals with the right things. You only plug in yourself to things that influence you to the extent that they become a part of your daily life routine.
For example, if you are a music lover, you will be plugged in (in this case literally) to a music system and then eventually music becomes your life, your soul, and your end also. 
If your have plugged yourself into a love of movies, you start seeing things in that light and they are always on your head.
In the same way, if you plug yourself into different things that are good for your life and that of others, into things that are constructive, creative and beneficial for your own personality and that of others, you get an extra reward for that. You charge yourself with energies that build a beautiful life for you and hence a beautiful end. 
When you are plugged in just for your own happiness then you might feel happy in a superfluous sense but it will never fill the emptiness in you. You will go away as someone who lived for ecstasy and joy, enjoyment and amusement, fun and frolic but nothing gained as when you leave you leave alone. What will be left for others or for even you to take it with you as good deeds that might benefit in your life ahead of life! 
But these things are only understood if a person believes in the fact that we are not created just for fun; we will die but will be accountable because it does not make sense that our Creator makes things just for jest; with no Purpose whatsoever?! 
So let us plug-in ourselves rightly so that we are charged in the correct way! 

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