Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Test of Life.

We are taking a test. Concentrate and write the correct answers to pass the test. Do not cheat, erase the wrong answers by writing the correct ones. Attempt the questions you know well. Speak only when necessary. Do not disturb others. Do not see what others are writing because they might be writing the wrong answers! 
Recall your lessons well. Take your time. Listen to what the teacher has to say. Pay attention. Do not disregard the rules of the examination hall. You have to obey the teacher. Ask only him when you need any help. Write clear, to the point answers. There should be no ambiguity in your answers otherwise you will lose marks. Focus only on what is asked of you and do not engage in that which is not required. 
Try to answer all the questions in the time limit provided. It is better if you do not sit idle and keep writing otherwise the time will be up. Within the time limit you can review your answers and rewrite if you like. But once the time is over you will lose that chance.
Once you go out of the examination hall you will not be allowed in. 
Your test paper will be submitted. Recovery will be impossible. You will just wait for the result! 


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