Thursday, February 20, 2014

Impress the Creator!

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I am not here to impress you. You are not here to impress me or anyone else. We all are here to impress the One Who has created all. 
Even if we impress each other we are not going to get any benefit in the long run. It can be of use to us only till we are alive. The real help and support that we need is when we will be all alone. No one will be there to help us. Even we won't be able to do anything to our own self. This is the time when we will desire the help most. That help will be given to us only by Him who has created us and not by His creatures whom we had left behind. 
We had come to life all alone and left the world alone. We were not alone if we always had our Originator in our mind and heart. His Presence and His Mercy will again be with us after we leave the world. We will not be helpless there. 
If we constantly care about impressing Him He will make us happy when we will be in need of help and support the most.
Let us try to please Him, impress Him and get His Support till we are alive and even after we die. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Repair the Machine

Humans have a primal need to belong to particular groups, and for the vast majority of people, that is the basis of their identity. But in places as far-flung   Planet Earth World Globe 22

We made the machine and when it does not work properly we repair it or if it is not working we change it or throw it away. 
Think about the Creator who has made us. We were made to worship Him. When He sees that we are not doing our job He has all the power to correct us and if He wishes He can destroy us. Why does not He do this to us? We do so many sins. We disobey Him day and night. Why does He not punish us immediately or wipe us away from this Earth?

 He has Created everything that exists. He Created us with the understanding of right and wrong. He has given us free-will to see what we want to choose for ourselves. If we choose to stay careless and negligent He is not harmed in the least. He gives us respite. He gives us chances upon chances. His signs are not hidden. We can see them all around us and within us. But we live in delusion, dreams and fantasy. We know that life is uncertain and death is certain. 

We have seen so many of our relatives and friends leave this world. They have gone. Where is their being now? Was this something without any basis? 

No, it can not be. Being alive on this earth, having all the senses, living and then dying is certainly something with a bigger plan in the background. All this is NOT created in vain. The Creator of all this has a plan. He wants us to recognize His Power, His Presence and His Oneness for our good only. He grants success to those who realize His Mastery and Lordship. He does not need anything. He is far from all wants and needs. 

It is we whom He wants to reward. He calls us toward the Truth and Real Success and Happiness. 

We have got ourselves busy in this world which the scientists have proved is going to end one day soon. We are lost here when we are supposed to aim for our real home from where we came. 

The Creator has given us ample time, all the time, until we die. We can turn to Him any time and He is ready to hold us. He accepts. He forgives. He cures. He puts things right. He is all Powerful. 

It is we who are wandering. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Beauty.

No mirror can reflect the beauty that you hold in your heart. No features can depict the criteria of a beautiful heart, mind and soul. This beauty is not subject to your skin color, your stature, your looks or your age. You are the most beautiful human being if you have the longing for Truth in your heart. If you hold Truth as your most valued possession. Even if you might not be the best in all respect yet you have something that can never keep you from achieving the best in the end. Truth is the only thing that wins. It might not be a merry go round with the Truth by your side, but one thing is certain, your hanging with it will not disappoint you ever. The ride with the Truth might be really tough but it is Truth itself that will keep giving you the strength to keep going, never to give up. Once you are in love with Truth you are never going to look back. The thing that keeps you going is Faith. You have unshakable faith in the Truth, hence you can fight your way up to the source of Truth. 
Truth rules while falsehood is ever fading. Falsehood has no stance. It is there to be refuted to perish here and Hereafter. The beauty of Truth is something that you always feel young about. It never gets old. You always feel energetic and ready to stand by your Faith, your Truth and your Belief. 
Why you consider something as the Truth? Why you cling to it? Why you have this unwavering Faith in it? All these questions are not emotional or philosophical. Truth has basis, it has a stance, it has history, it has the facts, it has a beginning and an end with everlasting joys! 
Finding the Truth within is something every soul needs to do. Those who find it can feel the beauty within and out. Those who are sincerely the seekers of Truth ultimately find it. The beauty here is that you start knowing the black, white and grey shades of life. You come to differentiate between the wrongs and rights of things. You come to love all and wish all the best for everyone. You sincerely wish to pass on this beauty to the whole world! 
Truth is beauty and beauty is within you. Nothing is uglier that not knowing the Truth about your own being, about your own existence, about your own purpose of life. 
Knowing the Truth makes you beautiful and you aspire to reach the heights of beauty; to reach the One True Maker, your Creator. 

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