Thursday, February 20, 2014

Impress the Creator!

Impress, Inc. -- Designers of Books and Magazines

I am not here to impress you. You are not here to impress me or anyone else. We all are here to impress the One Who has created all. 
Even if we impress each other we are not going to get any benefit in the long run. It can be of use to us only till we are alive. The real help and support that we need is when we will be all alone. No one will be there to help us. Even we won't be able to do anything to our own self. This is the time when we will desire the help most. That help will be given to us only by Him who has created us and not by His creatures whom we had left behind. 
We had come to life all alone and left the world alone. We were not alone if we always had our Originator in our mind and heart. His Presence and His Mercy will again be with us after we leave the world. We will not be helpless there. 
If we constantly care about impressing Him He will make us happy when we will be in need of help and support the most.
Let us try to please Him, impress Him and get His Support till we are alive and even after we die. 

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