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The Tongue!

The tongue is indeed a miracle from the Creator and a great blessing. Have we ever pondered on the working of the tongue? How does it move and how do the sounds and words come out of our mouths? How is speech related to the movement of the tongue?  This is just one of the numerous and mind boggling workings of the human body. When you think about how we have come into being and how we grow up from a baby to a full human you can not stop wondering and thinking about what the driving force is.  The tongue is no less than a miracle and a great blessing because with it's help we are able to communicate with each other. It has given the human beings so many ways to express ourselves. We use numerous words and languages to talk and express our views.   Only when tongue, lips and teeth work together do sounds from the throat turn into understandable letters and words. The tongue is extremely agile and quick: It can produce more than 90 words per minute, using more than 20 different movement…

The Table Spread (Al Maidah) Chapter 5 Al Quran


The Women: A Chapter of Mercy!

'The Women' is a chapter in the Quran which is comprehensive and full of wisdom and logic. It mostly deals with the issues of women therefore it is named in honor of the women. This chapter is also called the chapter of mercyand justice because here Allah Himself sets the Laws of Inheritance and guides us in the issues related to women, orphans and the poor.  The issues of inheritance are dictated and set by Allah Himself so that we are not confused and doubtful regarding them.The knowledge and wisdom of Allah is unlimited hence His Laws are based on them even if we are unable to grasp them in the first instance.His decisions and rulings are based on Justice. The rights of inheritance, the rights of women and the rights and duties of men are all explained in this chapter.This Surah was revealed after Surah al Mujadilah.This Surah or Chapter is also called the Chapter of Justice and Mercy.In the Chapter of 'The Cow' Surah Al Baqarah explains the purpose of the existence …

Ask and You will be answered!

"Allah! Please give me the Hidaayah, the Taufeeq, and the opportunity to serve You, Your Deen and live and die for Your sake only. My only goal being the achievement of Your Pleasure and Mercy. I do all good deeds just to please You. I do good to Your servants just to please You.  Please do not let even a small dot of arrogance, self-praise or boastfulness, pride or showing off in my heart. Whatever I do, make me do that just for Your sake; not to please others. Make me content in whatever I get or have already.  Make me realize the real happiness. Give me a soul that is satisfied. Purify my soul. Cleanse my heart of all the filth arising from bad feelings. Turn my heart toward You. Establish my heart on Your Deen. Give me a life and death that is successful in Your eyes. Have Mercy on me, my family, relatives, friends, neighbors and all Muslims. Guide those who are in darkness toward the Light of Truth.  Accept my prayers O My Lord!"

An Open Letter

Bismillahir Rehmanir Raheem
In the Name of Allah The Most Merciful The Most Kind

O My Lord, I am Your slave. You created me. I have sinned and erred. I have made so many mistakes. I have wronged myself. I acknowledge all my sins which I did out of ignorance, silliness, carelessness or with intention. I acknowledge that You have all the power over all things. I consider You my one and only Lord. I do not take any partners with You. You alone I worship, seek help from and ask for my needs. I am a weak slave of Yours who has not shown herself up to the mark that You have liked from Your servants.
Please Allah! make me such that I repent sincerely of all my sins, big or small, as if I did none...
Wash away all the dirt of sins from my heart...
ACCEPT MY REPENTANCE O ALLAH! As You alone Accept Repentance and Forgive Your slaves.
Make me such that I recognize Your Blessings and thank You always, remember You always, give up all the sins, worship You sincerely, pray and fulfill all my obligations …

Seek and Be Sought!

As human beings we all have needs, wants and desires. When we feel hungry we eat food (some of us eat even when not hungry!), we go to sleep when we feel tired and sleepy, we drink water when thirsty. This is something no one can deny. We all fulfill our needs and desires whenever we feel the urge and the necessity to do so.  Let us turn to those needs that are not in our direct control. We give our exams and then wait for the result because result is not in our control. We hope and pray that we get a good result. Although we all know that result is not in our hands still we strive to do the exam well, we prepare well and do hard work for best result. Why do we do that? We want to achieve something and we know that until and unless we study we won't get the desired result. It will be too silly for us to just sit back relax and still expect to pass with flying colors! We do not want to take chances. We want to have that desired thing and so we strive toward it. Now to drive my point …

How to be thankful?

There are many ways to achieve the state of being thankful and grateful to God as well as to His Creatures. The first among them is that yourealize the reason to be thankful for. Whether you realize your blessings that come in various forms from God or you acknowledge the favors that others might do for you now and then. Once you realize that there is something to be thankful for in your life you have crossed the first level. The second level is to actually say 'thanks' to the one whom you think is responsible for the good that happened to you or the bad that didn't happen! Obviously, it is all from the Creator and sometimes He makes His Creatures a way to bring good to others. So, here, first we need to thank the One Who gave you all that you asked for and more, kept you safe, helped you out, was a force behind you to stay strong although apparently you could see no change in your problems etc, but despite of all the odds Who kept you there, firm and unwavering.  Thank the On…


Usually people go according to the norms of the society, the trending and the in-things. They are so governed by all that is happening around them that they sometimes do not take even a minute to decide whether what they are doing is actually good for them or not. What all the others are doing is 'normal' in their eyes and going against it is like going against the 'norm'. 
The question is, who decides what is normal and what is not?
Sometimes things that are completely acceptable and normal in one culture are totally abhorred and disliked in the other. But whether we belong to one culture or the other some things always are right and wrong. There are some grey shades where you need to use your intellect and insight to decide what is good and bad for you.
Following some age-old traditions, or newest fashions without thinking is by no means intelligent.
If something is being done by all or most of the people it is not a guarantee for it to be correct. The crowd might be goi…