Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ask and You will be answered!

"Allah! Please give me the Hidaayah, the Taufeeq, and the opportunity to serve You, Your Deen and live and die for Your sake only.
My only goal being the achievement of Your Pleasure and Mercy.
I do all good deeds just to please You. I do good to Your servants just to please You.
 Please do not let even a small dot of arrogance, self-praise or boastfulness, pride or showing off in my heart.
Whatever I do, make me do that just for Your sake; not to please others.
Make me content in whatever I get or have already.
 Make me realize the real happiness. Give me a soul that is satisfied. Purify my soul. Cleanse my heart of all the filth arising from bad feelings. Turn my heart toward You. Establish my heart on Your Deen.
Give me a life and death that is successful in Your eyes. Have Mercy on me, my family, relatives, friends, neighbors and all Muslims. Guide those who are in darkness toward the Light of Truth. 
Accept my prayers O My Lord!"

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